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November 4th - 2013 (Monday)

Design of Food Products and Meals for Improved Postprandial Glycaemia in Healthy Subjects.
Elin Östman - Lund University

Food Industry Innovation and its Strategic Role on Health and Nutrition.
Luis Madi - ITAL

Bilayer Microparticles Containing whey Protein and Alginate: Production and Characterization.
Carlos Grosso - FEA/UNICAMP

Glycemic Carbs.
Bruce Hamacker - Purdue University

Brazil Food Trends 2020: Tendencies and Innovation in Health and Well-Being.
Raul Amaral - ITAL

Food Nanotechnology, Functional Foods.
Marcos Neves - University of Tsukuba

Bioactive Compounds and their Role on Obesit.
Mário R. Maróstica Júnior - FEA/UNICAMP

Brazil Food Trends 2020: Innovation in Ingredients for Health and Nutrition.
Airton Vialta - ITAL

Opportunities and Challenges of Nanoscience and Technology for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals.
Rickey Yada - University of Guelph

Newly Discovered Health Functions of Pre-Hydrolyzed Proteins: Anti-Diabetic and Cell-Protecting Properties of Peptides and Amino Acids in Whey Protein Hydrolyzates.
Jaime Amaya Farfan - FEA/UNICAMP

Brazil Food Trends 2020: Health and Convenience, Safety and Sustainability. 
Claire Sarantópoulos - ITAL

Microencapsulation of Probiotics.
Carmen Sílvia Fávaro Trindade - USP

Recent Progress in Antioxidant Methodology: Moving Toward Cellular Antioxidant Activity (CAA) Assay for Assessing Antioxidant Function.
Rui Hai Liu - Cornell University

Process Integration (Intensification) for Bioactive Compounds Obtention Using non-Conventional Techniques. 
Maria Ângela de Almeida Meireles - FEA/UNICAMP

Vitamin D and Heatlh.
Cláudia Cardoso Netto - UNIRIO

Content and Health Related Properties of Macroantioxidants in Foods: The Hidden Face of Dietary Antioxidants.
Fulgencio Saura-Calixto - Spanish National Research Council

Diverse Applications of Tangential Microfiltration: from Sugarcane Clarification to the Concentration of Bioactive Compounds.
Flávio Schmidt, FEA/UNICAMP 

Prevention of Vitamin D Deficiency by Illuminated Mushrooms.
Ralf Berger - Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hanover

Extraction Techniques to Obtain Antioxidant Compounds.
Helena Teixeira Godoy - FEA/UNICAMP

Extruded Lentil-based Snacks Fortified with Nutritional Yeast: Physico-Chemical and Nutritional Evaluation.
José de Jesus Bérrios - USDA/ARS/WRRC

Vitamin D Status and Dietary Requirements of Infants and Young Children.
Hope A. Weiler - McGill

Exotic Fruits: Phenolic Compounds, Flavonoids, Antioxidant and Antiproliferative  Activity.
Luciana Gomes Malta - FEA/UNICAMP

Advanced Methods for the Sterilization of Food.
Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas - Washington State University

Vitamin D and Bone Metabolism.
Marise Lazaretti-Castro - UNIFESP

Antioxidants in Food: Applications and Nutritional Strategies.
Luciano Bruno de Carvalho Silva - UNIFAL

Supercritical Technology for Food Industry.
Julian Martínez - UNICAMP

Calcium Nutrition. Bioavalability and Fortification.
Leif Skibsted - Institut for Fodevarevidenskab Fodevarekemi

Bioactive Compounds and Heart Health. 
Tatiana Emanuelli - UFSM

New Products Development From Tropical Fruits with Functional Role. 
Raimundo Wilane de Figueiredo - DTA/UFC

Vitamin D and its Role on Immune System. 
Alessandro Farias - IB/UNICAMP

November 5th - 2013 (Tuesday)

Enzymatic Prevention of Health Risks in Food.
Diana Linke - Gottfrie Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover

Microorganisms in Fruit Juices, Wines the Correlated Products: Impact in Industry.
Juan Martin Oteiza - CONICET-CIATI

Dietary Modulation of the Gut Microbiota for Improved Host Health.
Kieram M. Tuohy - Fondazione Edmund Mach

Bioactive Phenolic Compounds Using Biotechnology: an Overview.
Gabriela Alves Macedo - FEA/UNICAMP

Chagas Disease as an Illness Originated from Food.
Karen Signori Pereira - UFRJ

Fiber, Microbiota and Colon Health.
Bruce Hamacker - Purdue University

Enzymes for Food Processing: Developments and Innovation.
Hélia Hamuri Sato - FEA/UNICAMP

Probiotic Bacteria: Characteristics, Challenges and Achievements in Foods.
Gabriel Vinderola - FIQ/Universidad Nacional del Litoral

Beneficial Effects of Fructooligosaccharides Derived From Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) Root on the Immunological Parameters.
Grethel Teresa Choque Delgado - FEA/UNICAMP

Fungal Bioflavours - Recent Progress.
Ulrich Krings - Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover

Methods in Molecular Biology for Studies in Food Microbiology.
Atin Datta - CFSAN/FDA

The Effect of Prebiotics in Health.
Gláucia Pastore - FEA/UNICAMP

Biotechnology for Adding Value to Byproducts in Food Industry.
Carlos Soccol - DEQ/UFPR

Microbial Biofilms: Ecology and Control Strategies.
Elaine de Martinis - USP

Detection and Consequences of Exposure to Polyphenol-Rich Foods and Beverages and Their Colonic Microbial Metabolites in Vivo and in Vitro.
Anna-Marja Aura - VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Emerging Green Nanobiotechnology for Fruit Safety and Quality: Progress and Pitfalls.
Mahendra Rai - DB/SGB Amravati Universty 

Cell Communication and Biofilm Formation in Food and Pathogenic Bacteria.
Maria Cristina Dantas Vanetti - UFV

Effects of Galacto-oligosaccharide in Diet.
Rosângela dos Santos - FEA/UNICAMP

Evolutionary History of Yeast Alcohol Fermentations.
Jurij Piskur - Lund University

Microbial Ecology of Indigenous Fermented Brazilian Food.
Rosane Freitas Schwan - UFLA

Current and Future Challenges of Food Analysis and Food Chemistry.
Délia B. Rodriguez-Amaya - FEA/UNICAMP

Unrecognized Mycotoxins and Drug Candidates from Filamentous Fungi in Foods: Is this a Food Safety Problem?
Jens C. Frisvad - Denmark Technical University

Food Minerals: What to Evaluate?
Juliana A. Lima-Pallone - FEA/UNICAMP

Process Integration for Etanol Biodiesel Production.
Antonio José de Almeida Meirelles -  FEA/UNICAMP

Predictive Microbiology - an Overview and a Practical Application.
Cleide Moller -  Denmark Technical University

Mass Spectrometry in Food Analysis: Simple, Fast, Direct, Selective and Embracing.
Marcos Eberlin - IQ/UNICAMP

Research Needs of Sugarcane Ethanol.

Quantitative Risk Evaluation: Impact of the Food Processing Techniques on Public Health.
Anderson Sant’Ana - FEA/UNICAMP

Fatty Acids Analysis in Blood using Gas Chromatography: Nutritional Status and Cardiac Risk.
Stanislau Bogusz Junior - UFVJM

Perspectives of the use of Essential Oil as Antimicrobial Agents for Food use: Possibilities, Limitations and Advances. 
Evandro Leite de Souza - UFPB

Phenolic Compounds Determination using Capillary Electrophoresis.
Marcelo Alexandre Prado - FEA/UNICAMP

Food Microbiology in Brazil: Where we are, Where we Go? 
Anderson Sant´Ana - FEA/UNICAMP ; Mariza Landgraf - FCF/USP; Karen Signori Pereira - EQ-DEB/UFRJ

Volatile Compounds: Information for Food Science and Technology.
Roger Wagner - UFSM

November 6th - 2013 (Wednesday)

Role of Dietary Polyphenols in Cardiovascular Health.
Christine Morand - INRA

Sensory Science Applied in Products Development: Extending the Boundaries.
Helena Maria André Bolini - FEA/UNICAMP

Creating and Fostering a Culture of Food Safety in Food Service Settings.
Benjamin Chapman - North Carolina State University

Enzymatic Production of ACE-Inhibitory Peptides From Whey: an Integrative Approach.
Paula Jauregi - University of Reading

Sensory Analysis, Health and Nutrition: Examples of Products, Methods and Scales.
Lauro Melo - EQ-DEB/UFRJ

Quality of Meals Offered in Schools.
Albaneide Maria Lima Peixinho - CGPNAE

Molecular Targets of Phytochemicals for Cancer Prevention.
Rui Hai Liu - Cornell University

Clinical Disturbs of Olfaction.
Laura Silveira-Moriyama - Reta Lila Weston Institute, University College London

Food-Drug Interaction: Potential Effects in Cancer Therapy?
Katrin Hecht - LWT Editor

Consumer Tests to Evaluate Food Quality and Stability.
Marcos Antonio Trindade - FZEA/USP

Technological Innovation in Products Development for Food Service Market.
Fábio Batista Claudino - UNILEVER Brasil

Use of Science for Gastronomy Development.
Joyce Galvão - All About Cakes

Heat Transfeer Concepts for Energy Saving and Correct Equipment and kitchen Sizing.
José Carlos Dias Reis - Intellikit Engenharia e Comércio de Equipamentos Ltda

Food Service and Challenges.
Jean Louis Belo Gallego - FSBFoods

Bioactive Compounds in Germinated Soybean Meal with Health Benefit. 
Luz Maria Paucar Menacho - Universidad Nacional del Santa

Using Cook Chill for Preparing Meat in Collectivity Restaurants.
Fabiane de Moraes & Nilo Sergio Sabbião - FEA/UNICAMP 

Anti-Influenza Virus Activity of Brazilian Propolis and Lung Function Improvement of Brazilian Propolis for Tobacco Smoke Injury.
Yong Kun Park - FEA/UNICAMP   

The Sous Vide Technique for Meals Production: Use in Commercial and Institutional Restaurants.
Gláucia Fernandes Candido - GF Nutri Consultoria  

Microbiota and Metabolic Dysfunction: Role of the Diet.
Maria da Conceição Calhau - FMUP - Porto University